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If you are looking for used SUV sales in Pelham, Alabama, come to Driver’s Way today. Not only are we one of the leading used car dealers serving Pelham, Birmingham, Hoover, and Trussville, AL, but we have a huge inventory of SUVs for sale. Whether you want a used Ford or Toyota SUV or a luxury pre-owned SUV from Cadillac or Infiniti, we have a diverse inventory of models to accommodate all tastes. Additionally, we carry a variety of model years as well body styles, including crossover, compact, or full-size SUVs. In other words, you bring us your budget and a few details about your daily driving needs, and we will match you up with a suitable used SUV from our inventory.

Used Mazda CX-5 SUV Exterior Side View
Used Ford Edge SUV Exterior Side View


We may sell used cars and SUVs at Driver’s Way, but we are much more than a used car dealership. Aside from our extensive inventory of vehicles, we offer other essential services to make your car-buying experience convenient and enjoyable. Since we sell many different model years of used SUVs, we have inventory to suit practically every budget range. There is also a finance department at Driver's Way, however, where you can apply for used car loans with terms and interest rates that are reasonable for your situation. There is also our style of customer service to discuss, which is a bit more personal than you might encounter elsewhere. As a result, you get top level guidance from automotive experts who are intent on helping you find the best used SUV for your circumstances.

Used Toyota RAV4 SUV Exterior Front View


The selection of used SUVs available at our dealership is nothing short of exceptional. We carry popular models from some of the most prominent automakers, including Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, and more. Rather than carrying one model from each of these brands, we have several in stock. For example, if you want a used Ford SUV, consider the Explorer, Edge, Escape, or Expedition. The same goes for Toyota with our RAV4, 4-Runner, and Highlander models. Even Jeep drivers can find off-road-ready Wrangler models parked alongside used Grand Cherokee SUVs that are perfect for Pelham-area families.

Pre-Owned Infiniti SUV Exterior Front View


In our efforts to serve all types of drivers, we also carry a nice selection of luxury pre-owned SUV models for sale. Similarly to our used SUV inventory, we have multiple models in stock from some of the most desirable luxury brands like Infiniti, CADILLAC, Acura, BMW, Lexus, LINCOLN, as well as high-end Buick and GMC SUVS. If you want a luxury SUV but are worried about your budget, browse our inventory anyway. While we do carry newer pre-owned SUVs, we also have earlier models that are still in excellent condition but priced affordably.


As a result of our used SUV and luxury pre-owned SUV inventories, Driver’s Way in Pelham, AL, is a great source to shop for your next vehicle. Not only do we have a vast selection of used makes and models for sale, but we offer exceptional customer service that is personalized and backed up by years of expertise in the automotive industry. Thus, our standards are high. We do not only want you to find a used SUV that you like, but we also want it to be the perfect model for all of your driving needs while working within your budget range. Located in Pelham, AL, we are a convenient place to shop for Birmingham, Hoover, as well as Trussville, AL, drivers. Come to Driver’s Way today to find your ideal used SUV.